Natural Habitat

One of the main objectives and key actions of our association is the preservation of the natural environment of the area, the traditional architecture and historical heritage.

We set the aim to protect and showcase the traditional architecture of Plomari and its beautiful villages, the deserted settlements like Mesounta and Kournela, industrial buildings, the water mills of Sedountas but mainly to protect the unique and unusual natural beauty of the picturesque seafront of St. Barbara, St. Isidore, Melinda and Kryfti to the beautiful mountains and villages of Palaeochori, Akrasi, Megalohori, Neohori, Plagia and Trigona.

The issue of protecting the natural and constructed environment was chosen as the first manifestation of our association and aimed to raise awareness of all the societies and individuals; for the promotion and protection of the natural environment of the region, the traditional architecture, the historical heritage, which particularly today are at risk not only to be altered but destroyed. The risk should leave us no room for complacency. Therefore as sensitive people – indeed we are all – our Association could not keep such a problem out of its actions and the objectives, which nowadays has an immediate need for a serious and responsible discussion and engagement in order to come to the center of social interest.

We have highlighted that Plomari and the wider region, is distinguished for:

The unusually beautiful natural environment and the harmonious combination of mountain and coastal environment (beautiful beaches) geological peculiarities – with unique “prasinopetromata”, spas, old mines (“Talki”), fossilized trees, caves, etc., with great and dense river network.
The great wealth of biodiversity (flora, fauna) resulting in the proposal to include the mountainous complex to the network NATURA 2000.

Extensive human agricultural – trade – cultural fields, such as olive groves with stone terraces, the famous shipyards of the Aegean, traditional soap factories – olive mills, the famous ouzo distilleries, various traditional activities and professions.
Proximity with areas characterized by considerable environmental assets such as gulf of Gera and Kalloni, mountain Agiassos, wetlands Ntipi – Larsos, and Kalloni – Parakoilon.

The province of Plomari is particularly privileged and charismatic due to its natural beauties, according to the views of scientific experts, the environment (natural and constructed) is the only pillar for sustainable development of the area.

As we all know, the natural environment is scorned, starting of at Ammoudeli and St. Isidore followed by Agia Varvara. The parasitic tourism economy model, that raped the natural environment, and brutaly despised the architectural character of Plomari, and because keeping with legislative protection of natural, historical and architectural environment, is the only condition for survival and improvement of the tourism phenomenon called for immediate action in this direction.